Legal services for businesses in Somerset

At some stage in our lives, there will be a need for the use of a solicitor - whether this is from a personal or business perspective. As part of our team, we have attached to us a law firm which works with our clients and us on various legal issues. This helps clients as we can provide advice in house rather than having to refer it to a third party. This means that from an accounting, tax and legal stance, we are always fully aware of what is happening on the affairs of the client, so we can provide the best advice for you.

We are able to provide:

Corporate and Commercial law, including:

  • Franchising
  • Agency
  • JV’s, Partnerships and LLP’s
  • Bespoke company formations
  • Shareholder agreement

Mergers & Acquisitions, including:

  • Management Buy Outs
  • Management Buy Ins
  • Related employment and HR issues
  • Intra Group Reorganisation
  • S 110 Insolvency Act 1986 Demerger

Commercial and Agricultural Property, including:

  • Agricultural land purchases and sales
  • Commercial landlord and tenant work
  • Commercial finance

Specialist Law, including:

  • Agriculture and food law
  • Green & renewable energy law
  • Gun law

All legal advice is provided by Maitland Walker LLP, which is Authorised and Regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority - SRA Registration Number: 534494